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There's no other school in Singapore with instructors obsessed with guitar as much as we are. 35 Guitar Avenue is run by guitar fanatics for guitar fanatics. That's what makes us unique. 


​Our instructors have relentless devotion to teaching. We commit entirely to the student,  giving each their undivided attention and a chance to be in the spotlight. We provide you with the skills you need to succeed. 


We focus solely on guitars - Electric, Acoustic, and Bass.

As experts in all matters of guitar, 35 is at your service. We’ll assist you every step of the way. Trust us, to turn your questions into confidence. Learning from our team of instructors specialized in guitars, will unlock your full potentials.


Whether your goal is to take your skills and career to a new level,  35 Guitar School is the perfect place to build the foundation. We're dedicated to teaching the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary for success, both personally and professionally. 

​ANY STYLE - ROCK, BLUES, JAZZ, METAL, COUNTRY, FLAMENCO, and more. There are so many styles to explore. We are well versed to meet your preferences. No matter which style you pick, you’re well on your way to an exceptional music education.

ONE-ON-ONE​​ - With undivided attention, we set personalized goals in line with the  individual's pace. We are dedicated in customizing lessons for students to maximize their experience with us.

ALL LEVELS & AGES It's never too early or too late to learn a new skill. No one is ever too old or too young to start playing guitar. ​Whether you are a seasoned player or not, we give you the opportunities to challenge yourself. 

​FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE - if committing to a fixed schedule has been setting you back from taking guitar lessons, you're at the right place. We offer various options for lesson schedules in order to accommodate our students' busy lives. 


Our instructors are highly influential, qualified, and experienced guitar players. In every lesson, they bring students a prominent experience, knowledge and passion to the classroom. Get to know our talented team and feel free to reach out with questions.


Arif Iskandar boasts 14 years of musical experience and 8 years of teaching expertise. His exceptional skills have not only allowed him to collaborate with numerous local and regional musicians, but have also led him to success as a performer. His dedication to honing his craft is evident in his achievements. Arif is a driven teacher, who leaves nothing up to compromise concerning the guitar. Passionate about engaging students on all levels, he has great talent for sharing his knowledge and skills to accomplish desired goals. 


​A Z H A R

Azhar started playing the guitar by exploring different music genres; from metal to flamenco. He is adept in both electric and acoustic guitar, and welcomes all form of guitar music. His passion for guitar has led him to teach in government and as well as music schools for over 10 years. He ensures that students get the most of the learning experience and learn something new every lesson.

​M I N G   H U I

Ming Hui formed his own metal band Deviant and was the lead singer while also playing rhythm guitars. He is well versed in various styles including rock, blues and metal, having studied guitar heroes such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Marty Friedman and more. Ming Hui believes that music is a skill that fulfils dreams. His lessons are filled with intent, fun and are conducted with patience.


“The experience at 35 Guitar Avenue for me [has been] great in all aspects. There’s a great vibe as the students and staff are all friendly people you can talk to while waiting around for your class. My teacher, Weiwen, is not only a smart teacher, but a good teacher who will listen to what you want and help you learn the things you need. Even after years of learning the guitar, I could come in for my weekly lessons feeling challenged.”

- Min Jun 


"I’ve had been playing guitar for a long time... but after 15 years I got so jaded with my guitar playing being stagnant I had actually stopped playing altogether. Fast forward a few years I came across 35 Guitar... meeting the guys there provided me with much needed inspiration to pick up my guitars again! Within a few months of lessons there,  I was able to learn music theory and how to apply that information in my playing. I relearned how to play the guitar without my old bad habits I picked up from self learning. I am now able to enjoy playing guitar so much more and I highly recommend 35 guitar school to anyone who wants to truly play the guitar at the next level."

- Chan Min

"The teachers in 35 Guitar School really put in a ton of dedication and effort into seeing improvement in students. I've improved leaps and bounds on both my technique and theory since I've started lessons with them. They really offer something for every skill group, totally recommend you check them out if you're looking for some solid improvement!"

- Alex Hooi

 2018 Young Guitarist of the Year Finalist


$30 Registration Fee

•Registration fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee

$240 for 4 sessions

•min. 4 sessions monthly

​•fees are payable on the first session of every cycle

​•flat rate for all ages & levels


$65 per 1 session ad hoc

​Lesson duration: 45min.

Lessons can be scheduled directly with the instructor

Monday - Sunday 9:15am-9:15pm 

(last slot starting at 9:15pm)

Modes of payment: We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and PayLah/PayNow

Trinity Rock & Pop Certificate


Get certified with an internationally recognized music assessment. Register with us, to take the TRINITY COLLEGE ROCK AND POP exam or  ROCKSCHOOL. Achieve goals and acquire skills - whether it's for fun or in pursuit of a music career. We guide students through the exam syllabus and help develop everyone as musicians. Our instructors have taught various levels, from initial to Grade 8, 100% passing rates to date, and many students have passed with high distinctions. 

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Contact us to make an appointment, visit our school, ask questions and meet our instructors.

No obligations! 

+65 89527432



The course lasts till you've achieved your goals and met expectations. 


It really depends on the individual; how hard the songs is and how hard you practice. Your first song might take you a few weeks to master, but after getting the hang of it, it'll take less time. Not only do we go through the score with you, we teach you the core, process, and elements of music and learning a song. The ultimate goal is that you acquire the skills to self-teach a song.


​Our schedules are very flexible. Don't worry about having to attend the same day and time every week. All you need to do is choose your next available date and time with the Instructor after each lesson. Can't make it the next week? You can request a double session in advance too.


​We are fully equipped. Just bring yourself and passion for guitar. You are more than welcome to  bring your own guitar and gadgets as well. If you are looking to purchase your first guitar or a new addition to your collection, let us know. Our student get a special price for brands that our retail shop represents.


​For beginners who are just picking up the guitar, we will start from zero. But for students who are experienced guitar players, lessons will go straight into improving and mastering your skills. Instructors carefully design each lesson for the individual student's level and needs. 

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